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After Bangkok and Phuket the island city which is growing in prominence among globe trotters is vacation villas Koh Samui. The city is depiction of beauty and tranquillity with its vast sea. The tourist are mesmerised by the peaceful atmosphere and it is a paradise for them. The low cost and affordable vacation is making it a hot tourist spot and they enjoy revelling in its calm atmosphere. The increase in the number of tourist has increased the rate of Samui property and it is the most sought after place for acquiring a property in Thailand.

The Thai culture has always had deep impact on international community and this is the reason why foreigners are showing interest in purchasing a property in the city. Most of the population is from Europe and thus the lifestyle is also European and western. This is making it a very lucrative place and Thais and foreigners are not hesitant in investing in luxury villas Koh Samui.

Koh Samui is considered to be a fashionable place and any investment is termed as lifestyle investment. Though the city is still growing but it is a beautiful depiction of architecture and luxury. This is yet another factor in attracting huge investment in real estate. In fact if we will study the economy of the Samui, we can see that hospitality and real estate is the two economy booster for the city.

The price of Samui property is influenced by the location, the first and prime location area is sea view and closeness to golf course, the two main lifestyle statement of the city. The more you closer to sea and golf course, higher is the price. Second factor which is the decider is proximity with the airport. The price of condominiums, villas, land and sale and resale of property is subject to these three factors. Your worth is counted by this, though the whole city is worthy of owning.

Koh Samui is well connected with other cities of Thailand, and like any other city of the country, it offers Thai massage, Thai cuisine and Thai care to all its guests and owners. To treat our self with Thai Spa is the most revered and dreamt thing when on honeymoon in one of the luxury villas Koh Samui.

Thailand is the most favoured tourist destination of Asia and always in demand by international tourists. This is the most important reason for foreigners to purchase a villa Koh Samui and turn it into a tourist spot by providing all the necessary amenities. But some are making investment in the property Samui, as they want to retire here and lead a luxurious and carefree life in the warmth of sea and playing golf.

Villas Koh Samui and property of Samui hold a promise of giving returns for lifelong and thus is a smart and profitable investment decision. The real estate price can sky rocket but the charm and the magic of the city will always enthral tourist and they will keep pouring in either for family vacation or honeymoon or for corporate trip as it is reasonable and close to many cities of the world.

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