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The Gate of Siam or the Pratu Siam is set in the Northern Province of Chiang Rai, which is a very quiet and peaceful town in Thailand. This province was once the capital of the Kingdom of Lanna, and these days its location has grow increasingly popular, as many tourists considers it as the gateway from which to explore the golden triangle which is set beside the Mekong River.


Coming back to the Gate of Siam – unlike the suggestions implied by its name, in reality tourists will not find a physical gate. Instead, a route cut through cliffs of limestone and situated along the Laos border. This trail known as the Gate of Siam was once a strategic pathway that offered connections to Laos.


The Gate of Siam is actually a memorial to those who lost their lives in the battles that took place along this stretch of land. There are memorials to these Nationalist Chinese soldiers along the pathway. The location, which is hardly publicized, is one of those sites that are off the beaten track offering a wonderful experience and an absolutely stunning view of the Thai-Laos border to boot. To be at the remote border and to remember the history at this location, offers a truly magical feeling that can only be justified through experience.


When tourists arrive at the Gate of Siam, they are actually entering into a unique location along the northern border of the province. Here, the borders of three countries- namely Thailand, Laos and Myanmar converge and for this reason, the area has derived the title of the Golden Triangle.

The beautiful cliffs that dot the scenery of the Golden Triangle run alongside the Ruak River. The river was once the source of nourishment in previous times for those who grew huge crops of opium to trade with.


Those who visit the Golden Triangle rarely come off without spending a few days amidst its serene surroundings to truly appreciate its history. There are Chiang Rai hotelsin the vicinity that cater to tourists who are looking to spend a few days close by. However, for those looking for some exquisite pampering then the Anantara Golden Triangle, Thailand, will not disappoint. Among the Chiang Rai hotels, this one features most favorably for its luxurious accommodation and warm hospitality.

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