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– Zhenjiang Huachen Hua Tong officially changed its name to Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Huatong

Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Huatong Power Plant

Recently, from Zhenjiang Huachen Hua Tong Road machinery Limited spread the good news, the company’s success with the Singapore Technologies Power Co., Ltd. joint venture, Since August 1, 2009 onwards, the official opening of the new company name: Jiangsu Tong Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., the original company to stop using the name .

Jiangsu Huatong Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. set up, is bound to promote the revitalization of industry, business take-off, and for the Zhenjiang into a world-class Construction Machinery Production base to lay a solid foundation. As the Party Secretary of Zhenjiang Xu Jinrong in congratulating the establishment of a joint venture to say it, the joint venture Cooperation Is both a major event in the development process, happy event, is also a realm of strategic initiatives, will be full of vitality, hope unlimited!

One powerful combination and seek common development Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Huatong

predecessor?? Zhenjiang Huachen Hua Tong Road machinery Co., Ltd. is a National Torch Plan Key High-tech enterprise in China machinery industry and road construction machinery industry reputation, the company leading product Paver , Milling Machine , Asphalt mixing equipment sales and export volume ranks with the industry forefront for many years. The new Division driving force is investment holding Temasek, Singapore’s Singapore Technologies Engineering subsidiary wholly owned subsidiary, is also Singapore’s largest engineering and special vehicle production enterprises, mainly engaged in special vehicles and specialized equipment, design, development, system integration and production Sell So, the total assets of more than one billion U.S. dollars, annual revenues of nearly 7 billion, has 22 global production operations base, the production of asphalt pavers and road construction maintenance machinery sales accounted for 58% of the North American market, accounting for the North American beverage trailer 44% of the market, refrigerated trucks account for 40% of the North American market is of special vehicles, engineering machinery, vehicle maintenance, and world-renowned brand. The joint venture can be described as powerful combination and seek common development, the new company has developed a three-year development plan, by 2011, will reach 10 billion for production and marketing.

Second, more emphasis on building brands and channels Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Huatong

establishment of heavy industry for the Jiangsu Huatong power and the new impetus for all taking the new step, the beginning of a new beginning, a new journey, a new leap. It is reported that Jiangsu Huatong Power Heavy Industries will pay more attention to brand and channel construction, and this is after the establishment of the new company’s top priority. Because the joint venture will target the global market, only solid foundation and establish a stable and reliable supply, sales and quality service system, users can establish a good global brand image.

Third, the implementation of lean manufacturing, process re-oriented

Quality is the survival, the source of benefits, particularly for engineering machinery products, users have the quality products and quality services to assume core competitiveness of enterprises. Jiangsu Huatong Power Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has been improving staff quality, and promote technological innovation and management reform, will be fully optimized production structure, strengthening quality management, the implementation of lean production, focusing on process reengineering, high quality and efficient, energy saving Environmental protection To win consumers.

Four outstanding corporate culture of “integrity-based, customer-oriented”

Customers determine our success or failure. Because the company’s prospects depend on the performance evaluation of our customers, so only every employee aware of: to be dedicated to provide customers with excellent products, competitive prices and quality services, enterprises can Everlasting, sustainable operation. The joint venture will uphold the “integrity-based, customer-oriented” business philosophy, at any time, regardless of what project management, always adhere to principle of good faith, to provide customers with satisfactory service value, as the constant pursuit of Jiangsu Huatong Power Heavy objectives.

Link: New Branch power core values and corporate culture, the thrust of the six strategies

1, core values: Ethical values of courage and commitment to caring

Two, six strategic thrusts: 1, customer-focused Customers determine our success or failure. We must carry out customer-oriented concept of management and operation of the company. Because our future depends on our customer’s performance. Therefore we have to be committed to each employee to provide customers with excellent products, competitive prices and quality service.

2, with safety and quality-oriented Concept of security and reliability is a key company. Staff must, from the products, applications, system operation, and local cultural point of view, “security” and “quality” needs.

3, to staff quality as the most important

Employees are our most important and huge resources. We will improve staff quality through training tools and allow them to achieve the fullest potential of play. This company itself can achieve market requirements.

4, to gain technical superiority for the first

Advanced technology makes us more competitive. We will use cutting-edge technology to meet the changing needs of customers and make us more competitive.

5, to optimize the operation of the line

Excellent market performance in the future, will the concept of our system, beyond the competition’s vision and innovative spirit to achieve. We must constantly improve and strengthen our operations to meet the highest requirements of customers.

6, to end financial results for the

We will stabilize the operations and business growth to obtain superior financial results. The company’s profit on the most direct expression of the market and the customer’s evaluation and approval.

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